Will I?

is life all that it seems?

or is there most to life than what im seeing?

will i get to graze the heaven on earth one day and sigh with content?

or will i continue to be numb and not feel like this is the end?

will i open my wounds and let the blood float?

or will i close them within and drown with no boat?

will i smile and say ‘i love you’ to him?

or will i wallow in my past and just leave a beloved kiss?

will i be able to see Aaliyah smile and look up towards me?

or will i be blind, unable to see my everlasting, golden dream?

when life is more and all that it seems,

will i even desire to live

or will i be in the ground underneath our feet?

originally written: 05/07/2020 6:00 am (edited)

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