He I Loved

It’s rare to find someone in life

Who loves you more than themselves.

I found the one and let him go.

And it hurts more than imagined.

There’s no way to fill the hole now left.

Only a needle and thread to leave a scar.

That scar is no where near its heal.

Distractions are all around me.

Yet my mind is in one place.

Like a speck of glitter,

He came into my life.

He lit up my world and left traces irremovable.

The most pure-hearted loving person I had ever met.

His lover will never suffice.

He’s an angel behind all the doors.

I love him.

Leaving him took a piece from me I will never be able to gain back.

But I don’t mind that he stole from me.

Just as long as he’ll be happy.

I’ll find a way to be happy too.

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