Anxiety in a Box

I need a way out.

I’m trapped in a box.

No peeking holes. No booby traps.

No way to get out.

I’m sealed in from all ends; no space to move around.

I can hear the walls talking yet no words are coming out.

Water drips down, I catch all the drops.

A moment of hope glistens.

Now, I’m poisoned throughout.

I give up on hope. I slam the walls.

Stare at them and scream.

They listen to it all. No answers given.

I get anxious and angry.

The shaking won’t stop.

I can’t breathe, it’s too hard.

I’m confused and impatient.

Sunset. Sunrise.

I grab the key and open the box.

There’s a blue sky above me.

I look down the road only to see

another open box waiting for me.

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