Pen and Paper

Emile Sandé – Read All About It | Part III |


It’s truly a blessing isn’t it? I don’t remember when I started writing. Or how. But it’s been a part of my life since I could remember.

Although, I never was fond of keeping a diary (until now) I was always better at expressing myself through writing. My thoughts weren’t garbled as much. My words sounded more professional. And my heart was hidden. That’s probably the reason why I started writing actually. Because no one could see me. I didn’t have to face people. They didn’t have to face me when they read my words and imagined it in my tone. I was invisible in my own way.

But that only really worked for elementary school essays. The more I grew up, the more I realized just how much writing actually revealed my face and me as a person.

Pretty ironic, huh?

See, when you write. You give a part of yourself each and every time with each and every word. People are able to take a look into your heart, your thoughts, and your feelings. No matter how rational the topic be, or how irrelevant, each time you write the reader will get an insight into your mind that face to face talking wouldn’t have discovered. They get to know you more than they would’ve if they had conversed with you. So as much as I thought that I was being invisible, in reality it was quite the opposite. My writing exposed parts of me that even I didn’t know existed inside.

People got a deep insight into my thoughts without my permission.

And that’s exactly why writing is so beautiful.

One way to leave your legacy in the world is through your children. I will have that when the time comes. But another way is through your words. Your physical words, not the ones that get lost in the air and wind. Whatever I write today, will stay in the world forever, even after my death. People will imagine me reading to them what I wrote. And imagine me exactly how I portrayed myself within my words. It’s my legacy. The way people will remember me. What I did in life. And what I felt.

Writing has this unique type of intimacy. It requires effort, love, time, devotion and most of all, a heart. True writing comes directly from our souls. And within your souls, is your heart.

If you have a heart, then you can write it. Anything. Everything. In any way you want. You can have the worst grammar, punctuation whatever, and still be the author of your own legacy. The mistakes in your writing won’t matter when the time comes. Your mistakes will actually be considered your style. That’s the freedom that writing gives you. Why?

So people could only focus on YOU. Not your words, but you.

So let them read. Let them read forever.

They can read all about it.

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