Just Lost

I have a big headache.

I’m losing my hair.


My family is not mine.

I don’t feel like they love me.

I don’t feel comfortable in my own body.

My dreams look so far away.

I don’t want to fall again,

but I’m falling deeper than before.

I’m unsteady; heavy-hearted,

wanting to be gone with some seconds of the day.

There are underlying emotions,

that resurface with every lyric spoken to me,

but they come out not in front of others,

but instead when I’m alone and free.

I want to be free and have a true escape,

but the guilt would be too much for me.

I want to rip free and show the real me,

but the world isn’t ready for that.

I should really get some help.

But who’s gonna help me?

I guess I’m just lost actually.

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