I’ve never understood this word really. or the actions standing beside it. today was the day of the Florida high school shooting. And although these shootings don’t really touch me on an emotional level (I feel it, but it doesn’t really affect my everyday life) I felt the reality of this one today. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that they were high school students, or that so many were murdered or… anything. it got me to the point I was about to burst out into tears moments ago.

I’m seeing all these posts about prayers and thoughts.

We need to change this to policy and change. Prayer and thoughts should run hand in hand with policy and change.



To me, this is the same example of someone in Pakistan using a Baba Ji (priest type person believed to have special curing abilities with only prayers) to cure themselves and not taking the proper steps or medication to cure themselves. they believe that only prayers will help. that Allahtallah will cure them alone with no effort from their own selves whatsoever. yeah well heads up our purpose in this world is not just to sit still and let Allahtallah figure out our lives. We cannot just sit still and let all these shootings occur around us. He has given us a mind. He has given us the ability to walk, talk, think, drink, eat, breathe what not. Allahtallah is the one that GUIDES us. it is not His responsibility to implement that guidance into our lives. we need to GET UP and try for the better always. that’s what FOLLOWING his guidance means! if these things can work hand in hand then why make ourselves as human beings useless and not implement ourselves into society.



Going Against My Religion

i’ve never been a fan of guns. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I grew up in Los Angeles and not Kentucky or the far southern or northern states. but it has to mean something. I just don’t understand how guns can make a society safer. if guns are your passion, need, or love then you need to participate in making the bad guys good too. if gun people really want to fight then they need to be ready to claim or at least acknowledge the fact that guns…do this! guns do massacres. guns do death. guns do accidents. guns do murders. they do kids and every other innocent person on this planet. how many people have to die for us to realize that guns should not be a part of our society. now I’m close to crying again. those kids, they were terrified. their screams, they were true. they were harsh. those innocent kids are now scarred for life. how is it their fault at all? how did they deserve this? and the ones who died…I’m sorry but I just don’t think that was their destiny at all. In Islam, it is common for people to believe that our lives have been predestined and predetermined beforehand. no matter what happens, we die when and as it was written for us. we have no control. I do not agree with this. I never have and i never will. I believe Allahtallah gives everyone two pathways. One is a good path and one is bad. As we go along those pathways we ourselves decide the 1 out of the 2 destinies we desire. Therefore, that’s gotta mean that the killer’s choice for a wrong path is what took the life of these kids. It was not written in their destinies. Think of it more as a 50% possibility of them dying that day.

What if the shooter had decided to take the good path in his life. then the kids who were victims would not have died in that misery today. it’s just very hard for me to believe that the authority that loves us so much, takes care of us, has created us …would do this. there’s got to be human involvement to curse the blessings of Allahtallah. I don’t think he could be so cruel. not to those families who lost their futures. not to those kids who lost their lives.




my fingers feel so weak right now. I feel heavy-headed and lightheaded. my eyes are closing but my mind is barely waking up. this Florida shooting has made a change in me. this was my trigger for gun violence. the opinion that I could never voice out loud confidently, will now be voiced out loud and clear. from today on I will no longer be nervous to explain how and why I do not support guns in our society. I would back away hearing arguments from gun beholders. but not now. not anymore. today marks the day I officially am against gun violence. these kids lives have to mean something. we cant just let them die in infamy. there has to be a change. they died for the change that never occurred. now it is our job to complete their futures. it is our job to make sure that if they would have lived in this world, they would be safe. because no matter who the shooter’s identity, it is US who have let down the fallen innocents today. it is US who let them falsely believe that they were safe. we lied. we betrayed their trust. we betrayed their future. now its time to fix that. we have to. or else, their deaths will be written in our conscience. i wouldn’t be surprised if they already are.


11 Replies to “Violence”

  1. I’ve never read anything that I feel like I wanted to say since the first Terrorist Attack! It’s so nicely written. Thank you for sharing this, it needed to be shared with people!❤️

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      1. Aw thank you! We send a message to the world that we’re not alone. We have each other together in this blogging family☺️❤️

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    1. Wow. Thank you! As a new poster of my writing, I look forward to leading it towards positivity and hope as you do. But for you to appreciate it during my first steps, it means a lot ❤️


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