Let’s Talk

Well, hello there & welcome! What more can I offer than a simple thank you for visiting my blog!  I want you to feel free and look through the tabs and just connect. It’s a lot of reading. But think of it more as talking. My posts are for the sole purpose of communication and connection. That is why I will never reveal my true identity on here.

Posts are on the ‘All Blogs’ page. Go ahead and click on one of those buddies! Inside, you will find paragraphs defining the pure, RAW, and unrestrained, Me.

Music: Some of my posts contain music at the beginning or at the end of our talk. Feel free to listen to it during, before or after you read my words on the page. It’s most likely the music I listened to while writing that specific blog. It holds special meaning. 

Trigger warning. These posts may trigger emotions that one is very fond of or not fond of otherwise. You may cry. You may get angry. You may disagree. You may want to hug me. In any case, I will always be here for you. I AM here. My soul is written on this page. Literally. Written as in written at the end of this page by the CONTACT section. Never feel afraid to share your feelings with me. I will always reply. I will always listen. We will always talk.